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Medium Cool – Haskell Wexler (1969)

“Medium Cool is a 1969 American drama film written and directed by Haskell Wexler and starring Robert Forster, Verna Bloom, Peter Bonerz, Marianna Hill and Harold Blankenship. It takes place in Chicago in the summer of 1968. It was notable … Continue reading

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Search and Destroy

Burning Vietcong Base Camp My Tho “Search and Destroy, Seek and Destroy, or even simply S&D, refers to a military strategy that became a large component of the Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War. The idea was to insert ground … Continue reading

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“Redstockings, also known as Redstockings of the Women’s Liberation Movement, is a radical feminist group that was founded in January 1969 in New York City. The word is a portmanteau of bluestocking (a term used to disparage feminist intellectuals of … Continue reading

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Vietnamizing the War (1968–1973), Cambodia and Laos

“By Christmas 1969, American troops were being withdrawn under President Nixon’s policy of having more of the ground fighting transferred to the South Vietnamese army. That year as many as 4000 South Vietnamese soldiers were being killed every week. The … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Vietnam – Noam Chomsky (The New York Review of Books, June 12, 1975)

“The US government was defeated in Indochina, but only bruised at home. No outside power will compel us to face the record honestly or to offer reparations. On the contrary, efforts will be devoted to obscuring the history of the … Continue reading

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