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Folk City: New York and the American Folk Music Revival – Stephen Petrus and Ronald D. Cohen

“The Village Scene in the Early 1960s. Recalling the peak years of the folk music revival in Greenwich Village, singer-songwriter Tom Paxton reflected on the importance of the clubs, taverns, and coffeehouses in the Washington Square vicinity. These venues mattered, … Continue reading

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The Ballot or the Bullet

King Solomon Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan – April 12, 1964 “‘The Ballot or the Bullet’ is the title of a public speech by human rights activist Malcolm X. In the speech, which was delivered on April 3, 1964, at Cory … Continue reading

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Project Mercury

Project Mercury 1962 Issue-4c “Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States, running from 1958 through 1963. An early highlight of the Space Race, its goal was to put a man into Earth orbit and return … Continue reading

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“The LSD Story” – Dragnet (1967)

“‘The LSD Story’ is an episode of the Dragnet television series that appeared on the NBC network on January 12, 1967. It was written, produced and directed by Jack Webb, who also starred as Joe Friday. It is sometimes called … Continue reading

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