“The Responsibility of Intellectuals” – Noam Chomsky (1967)

“‘The Responsibility of Intellectuals’ is an essay by the American academic Noam Chomsky which was published as a special supplement by The New York Review of Books on the 23 February 1967. The article was written during the then-ongoing Vietnam War, as news of human rights abuses started to return to the United States, and as the war had increasingly become seen as a quagmire. An attack on the intellectual culture in the U.S., Chomsky argues that it is largely subservient to power. He is particularly critical of social scientists and technocrats, who he believed were providing a pseudo-scientific justification for the crimes of the state in regard to the Vietnam War. He notes that those who opposed the war on moral rather than technical grounds are ‘often psychologists, mathematicians, chemists, or philosophers, … rather than people with Washington contacts, who, of course, realize that ‘had they a new, good idea about Vietnam, they would get a prompt and respectful hearing’ in Washington.’  … The article brought Chomsky to public attention as one of the leading American intellectuals in the movement against the Vietnam war. …”
Noam Chomsky’s ‘Responsibility of Intellectuals’ After 50 Years: It’s an Even Heavier Responsibility Now
The Responsibility of Intellectuals – The New York Review of Books, February 23, 1967
YouTube: Chomsky’s Philosophy: The Responsibility of Intellectuals

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