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Vietnam: The War That Killed Trust

“In the early spring of 1967, I was in the middle of a heated 2 a.m. hallway discussion with fellow students at Yale about the Vietnam War. I was from a small town in Oregon, and I had already joined … Continue reading

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Mario Savio (December 8, 1942 – November 6, 1996)

“Mario Savio (December 8, 1942 – November 6, 1996) was an American activist and a key member in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. He is most famous for his passionate speeches, especially the “put your bodies upon the gears” address given … Continue reading

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Ian & Sylvia – Four Strong Winds (1964)

“Ian & Sylvia hit their stride on their second LP, which features the first in a line of talented second guitarists (John Herald) they would use to augment their original guitar-autoharp-basslineup. The album featured an assortment of largely traditional material … Continue reading

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